Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Get Informed About the Parts of Pressure Cooker


It is important that you must have proper information about different parts of pressure cooker before you buy a new one. It is also necessary that you must know the details of different pressure cooker accessories so that you stay remain safe.

The body of the pressure cooker should never be filled above 66%. This is done so that the steam gets enough time to passes away from the vent tube. It is also said that the method is used so that food like lentils or any kind of rice does not get stick with the surface of the cooker. Here is some more information about different parts of the pressure cooker:-

Pressure Regulator - The regulator which is installed in the pressure cooker actually controls the pressure inside the cooker and try to ups the pressure at least 15 pounds and it provide sufficient amount of pressure to cook the food. It also emits a sound after it reaches a certain pressure.

Vent Pipe - This is the place where the regulator of the pressure actually is attached. The main work of the vent pipe is to steam out the excess amount of steam so that it is able to maintain the pressure internally.

Air Vent - If you buy online pressure cooker then you must check that your pressure cooker must comes with cover lock as the material sits on the cover of the cooker. As the pressure cooker starts heating up it automatically release the air. The equipment also acts as a visual indicator.

Sealing Ring - Another important component present in the pressure cooker is the sealing ring. This ring actually creates a seal between the body and cover of the cooker.

OverPressure Plug - The work of the overpressure plug is quite similar to pressure regulator and it is also releases a lot of pressure from the cooker.

Cooking Rack - It actually separates the liquid from the food and considered to be very useful accessory of pressure cooker. It is so because due to this part you can cook different kind of dishes at the same time.

Cover Handle - In the cover handle you can find a hole and this will allow you to know whether there is enough pressure inside the unit or not. Also, it is used to uncover the lid of the pressure cooker.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Justifying Pressure Cookers as a Hot Favourite of Chefs!


Pressure cooking is something that has been practised for hundreds of years now. The only difference that lies is in the technique and the par excellence developed features that come along with the latest set of equipment made available in the market. 

Pressure is something that we all tend to avoid in our daily lives. But when it comes to cooking food, an added bit of pressure is something that can definitely work wonders at all times. Pressures cookers apart from being a handy piece of cooking equipment, has become a favourite of the chefs back at the kitchen spaces. Be it a non-stick pressure cooker, or the regular ones, cooking enthusiasts have been going gaga over the very new and technologically advanced piece of equipment that are being made available

General description of a pressure cooker

If we move on to give a general description of this equipment as a whole, we can summarize it to be a pot that with a compact lid that can be fixated at the time of cooking. This helps the food within to be cooked in accordance to the pressure created within as a result of the steam formed. Companies or rather brand names like Sun-Kwik has been making the best use of technology to ensure the fact that the equipment are not just of superior quality, but provides its user with ample safety during cooking. 

The basic features of a perfect cooker

  • The equipment comes with an extended handle that is used for the purpose of holding it. 
  • It is equipped with a vent pipe right at the side of the equipment to help the steam escape.
  • Every cooker has a perfect lock lid that prevents the cooker from exploding due to excess steam. 
  • Recent cookers comes with an automated monitor that helps you carry out the regulations with ease. 
  • You might also come across a cooking rack that helps the food cook evenly without a hassle. 

Material and pressure regulation

The material of the pressure cooker can be selected as per the requirement of the consumer. However, there are two basic types of materials that are used for the purpose – Aluminium and stainless steel. There has been witnessed a steady rise in the purchase of cookers made out of stainless steel. Despite the fact that an equipment made out of stainless steel can prove to be much expensive, it does guarantee an amazing level of longevity.

The last and the most essential thing that makes the best pressure cookers in India a must have is the excellent concept of an automated pressure regulator that comes along with it. To sum it up pressure cooking devices have proved to be a clear winner when it comes to providing the necessary level of ease back at a kitchen premise. 

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Induction Cooking – A Boon in the World of Cookery


Speaking of the gifts bestowed on us by technology, induction cooking can undoubtedly be termed as the trendiest of them all. A perfect goodbye to the regular gas ovens, these electrical devices ensure the fact that you get to save that extra bit of energy as well.

You might be in awe as to how an electrically run device can churn out results similar to that of a gas oven. But yes it is true. Sun-Kwik is one of the leading brand names in town when you speak of places providing you with the best in terms of cookware and kitchen appliances. Right from the Best Pressure Cookers all the way to non-stick cookware you get to see them all.

Adding on to the popularity of induction cookers you do get to derive several advantages from its usage. On the other hand there are disadvantages galore as well.

Pros to be derived from its usage

  • Safety comes first – One of the major advantages that you get to avail from the usage of an induction cooker is that you get an added level of security. The fact that you do not have to deal with fire helps you keep a lot of accidents at bay.

  • Easy to adjust – Convenience is one of the prime focus that needs to be paid prime attention to. With induction cooker comes an easy to use facility to adjust the different aspects of the cooker. This prevents you from wasting time trying to figure out how to operate the device in a proper.

  • Conservation of heat – Opting for an option to Buy Induction Stove Online in India is always a great option. The device utilises just the right amount of heat during the process of cooking, thereby preventing the wastage of heat.

Cons related to the device and its usage

  • Inappropriate cooking vessels – Since magnetic vessels are the only kinds that can be used, it becomes difficult to get hold of such utensils at all times

  • Electricity failure – You cannot make use of this device in case of electricity failure since the device solely ruins on electricity.
Keeping aside the negative aspects, you can actually consider induction cooking to be of great help.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

5 Things to Purchase the Multipurpose Pressure Cooker from Sunkwik


At the very beginning of the disucssiuon I would like to state that there are certain areas which made Sunwik be the best pressure cooker manufacturers  in the process. Actually there are some related factors or attributes connected at the core areas which make the buying clear. It has been a long time Sun-kwik has been administered as the locally super hit manufacturers. 

Let's get ourselves accustomed with what these attributes are.

  • First, building the Trust and Confidence:

Confidence comes with the trust. As in the case of Sun-kwik, people have their confidence due to their brand position ad brand name. It is their logo and name that has been adding value to the people. Once and for all, the services stand out to be outstanding with buyers.
  • Second, Experience and Growth:

With business doing well, experince gained could not be taken away. The pressure cooker manufacturers need to  beat the competitive market scenario with the changing demands of the buyers. Until and unless companies have undergone this struggle it becomes a major problem for them to sustain carrying the expectation of the customers.
  • Third, following the Technological Advents:  

Technological initiation has been one of the prime persuading factors in recent times. This has been peneloping a certain modifications. Generally the buyers, among whome many are culinary experts are found   wishlisting on purchases where rice cooking or boiling of any vegetables or fleshs.
  • Fourth, ensuring best Quality and Afforable is the price:

To give them some relief, the pressure cooker manufacturers brought the easie 1 liter producst at a price range of Rs 734/-. Thus people care about their cost and product togethrer. To them, especially for the masses cheaper the product and best is the quality. Makers are found using stainless steel are good in terrns of the longivity of the product. Healthy and tasty cooking is possible and chances of any accidental cases is taken care at with the inner lid pressure.

  • Fifth, the products embodies vast advantages:

The products are actually delivering something exclusive for the buyers. Thus making them summon as the  multipurpose pressure cooker.  How could they work as a multipurpose cooker? For they has the ability to work as a store house. Added advantage is what we call it. Other than cooking, efforts to keep food store safe for a decent amount of time make people select the said products above others.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Get Small Pressure Cookers Online To Be A Smart Cook


The human beings generally take the words “Bigger is Better” quite seriously. In case of purchases it is mainly a common practice to adapt to this phrase. The buyers think that it is better to ditch a smaller product for the bigger one if both are available at almost the same price. It sounds really absurd in some cases and logical in some others. The purchase of pressure cookers is not untouched from this popular tendency. The consumers tend to think that a smart pressure cooker buying decision is opting for the big one. Some may find this disheartening to know that whenever they did this, they were totally illogical.

There are some factors that can establish the view to be practically true fact. These are:

  • We all know that a pressure cooker is made up of a metal aluminium or steel or of non-stick material in general. In case of bigger metallic cookers, there would be more use of metals in the construction, which would lead to requirement of longer heating time and thereby the time to reach pressure. A smart pressure cooker option for buyers is to choose the smaller size unless you are cooking a huge quantity as in restaurants.

  • The liquid amount required for cooking a same portion in a comparatively large pressure cooker, is higher. What is the use of using more liquid and making higher efforts, when we can get better taste in a smaller pot?

  • Another reason for not going crazy bout bulky pots is that we can avoid the state of apathy that is involved in cleaning them. They also need a pretty good space to be stored. It is therefore better to avoid the big cookers, unless the quantitative need arises.

After reading this the pressure cooker lovers might have given a thought about getting over the prejudice of ‘small is more to pay for’. Talking about buying the less bulky ones, it is to be kept in mind that there is no need to pain your nerves for visiting a store physically. You can now opt for them online at reasonable rates and get them in amazing quality. One of the leading reliable brands for this specific smart device is Sun-Kwik, which is more than a decade old home appliances brand. The innovative designs and smart look of its products are worth paying for.

Sunday, 27 December 2015

Dos and Don’ts to make your Pressure Cooker Work Better


When you are on the rush with your fast paced life and you are thinking to make things easier for you, opt for pressure cooker. It is obvious that cooking becomes quite a task when you are running after your kids for school and rushing to your office. While cooking fast you can’t and shouldn’t compromise with the nutrition and food value. Hence, the pressure cooker can play an important role in your life. If you are thinking of buying a pressure cooker you need to know what you should and what you should not to make your pressure cooker perform at its best.

Ik-Mik Sun-Kwik Pressure Cooker
Ik-Mik Pressure Cooker

Take a look of the dos and don’ts of a pressure cooker.

Water is important in pressure cooker. As the cooking will happen with steam there should be enough amount of water in your cooker. But make sure that you don’t overfill it.

Make sure that the vent tube is free of any blockage. Just make sure that you can see light through it when you are using it. A blocked vent can be the reason of accident as well. Apart from that the steam won’t be able to go outside of the pot.

If you find that the pressure cooker is releasing the steam around the lid it is indicating that the cooker is asking for a new gasket. If you do not change it, the cooking will take more time than before and will cause waste of heat and energy.

If you are using an inner lid pressure cooker you need to take care if the lid sits on the pressure cooker properly or not. Make sure the direction of arrow in the cooker body or rim matches with the arrow onto the lid. Place it properly and you will get the best results in cooking.

Follow these instructions and enjoy the fun of safe and fast cooking.
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Monday, 16 November 2015

Why Do You Need To Buy Pressure Cooker?


Buying a pressure cooker is actually a very good deal in both money and time.  It will swiftly be repaid in healthiness and savings. In last few years, designs of pressure cookers have changed quite a bit, and there are many more alternatives to consider. However, do not ignore the importance of pressure cooker accessories. Whether it is online or in store, you can get a number of essential pressure cooker accessories in India.  Here is a brief guide to assist you to decide the accurate pressure cooker for your requirements. Know the functionality and necessity of pressure cooker.

Pressure-cooking if fast and it reduces the cooking time too. A chicken roast that would normally take two-three hours, in a pressure cooker it is prepared in twenty-forty minutes. Different kinds of soups and various dishes can be prepared rapidly.

pressure cooker accessories India

You can cook food easily in a pressure cooker. You just have to add water and keep an eye on.

Modern design pressure cookers are very much safe with numerous safety techniques.

While cooking in a pressure cooker, it uses much more less gas, electricity, and water.  Pressure cookers are better organized at using the power if it is an electric cooker.

Pressure-cooking is healthy. Food prepared in pressure cooker contains 50% additional nutritional value. It is verified that pressure-cooking maintains additional vitamins and minerals than usual cooking, steaming and even microwaving!

Pressure cooking is an end to splatters and spurts. When you are cooking in a sealed pot, you do not have to clean spills from the gas oven or stovetop. In addition, most of the pressure cookers are dishwasher safe.